That Time My Mom Needed $75

So my broke ass mom drove 3 hours to pick up my sister for Thanksgiving break. That’s a 6 hour round trip. Now it’s time for her to take my sister back to campus. That’s another 6 hour round trip.

Mom’s boyfriend was supposed to take my sister shopping for groceries and stuff. But I guess something came up and he can’t do it anymore.

So of course mom sent me a text. She needs to borrow $75 for my sister’s groceries, and for gas money to get to and from campus.


I replied (and lied) that I didn’t have $75. I told her that I could lend her $40. I also lied and said that I was not home, so I couldn’t give her the money until tomorrow–same day she drives my sister back to school. As I was replying to her text, I was at home in bed watching a movie. I lied because I wanted her to be uncomfortable. I wanted to be unavailable so that she can figure shit out for herself for a change. I’m done jumping up every time someone needs something.

So, if she still needs it, I’ll lend her $40 tomorrow. But here’s the kicker–I’m also going to inform her that I’m 100% done lending money. I don’t know why it’s taken me over 10 years to reach this point, but I’m here and it needs to be done.

I know that desperate times will come. They always fucking do. She will need rent money. She will need gas money. She will need grocery money. Or whatever. It never fucking fails. SHE. ALWAYS. NEEDS. SOMETHING. And it sucks that when I say “no”, my little brother suffers in the background. But I can’t keep enabling her.

I hope this is the right decision.


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