That Time My Mom Needed $1,800

So after failing freshman year in 2014, my sister returned to school against my advice. She’s 3 hours away. I think she should be closer to home. By the way, she’s almost 21, doesn’t have a driver’s license or a job. My broke ass parents are still bending over backwards to support her. Must be nice.

Anyway, some weird things happened with her financial aid and student loans. After everything was completed, she still had an $1,800 balance.

Apparently mom borrowed the $1,800 from her boyfriend and another friend, but she needed to repay them immediately. So she asked me for a loan. She said she could pay me back in installments, and that she was getting a holiday bonus that she could also use to repay me. (Holiday bonus? I call BS.)

Long story short–I lied and told her I didn’t have the money. Honestly, I don’t believe her story about borrowing $1,800 from her boyfriend and another friend.

Part of me felt bad saying no. Another part of me felt great because I would have felt sick writing that check.


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