Man, I need to do a better job with updating this blog. Here’s a quick run down of what’s going on with my crazy ass family.

Dad–He moved out in July. Thank God almighty. He now rents a house with his wife and step-kids. They’re less than 30 minutes away. He seems to be doing well. And he’s started paying me back the $2,000 I loaned him.

Mom–I always assume she’s doing well, but that’s because she puts on such a good front. She’s still renting her own house–I think she’s been there a year now. She’s over 50 years old and she’s NEVER lived on her own for that long. She went about a year or so without asking me for ANYTHING… then last weekend she needed $40 for gas and lunch money for my brother. But you’d never know she’s broke. She looks fucking fabulous every time I see her.

Sister–She’s fine. I don’t know why the hell she’s back at a college that’s THREE HOURS FROM HOME, but she is. Her academic probation expired and she’s starting all over again. She saved NO money over the summer, and yes, she did have a job. So far this semester she hasn’t been able to buy any books, she had to rent a graphing calculator (since hers is in storage and my mom hasn’t paid the storage bill so they can’t get into it), and she’s run out of spending money completely. Since my mom is now asking me for money again, I assume she’s not sending any to my sister. My dad sent her a little money once, but like me, he’s not showering her with cash or anything else until she proves she’s taking care of business. She can’t get an on campus job yet due to her poor academic standing. A job off campus might be possible, but that means spending half her paycheck on Uber rides to and from work. Oh, and did I mention her phone has been cut off since June? So I don’t even know if she can access the Uber app. But I digress. She’s an adult now. She’ll figure it out.

Brother–Poor kid. He’s just started a new middle school, which means all new friends. But his home life is really taking a toll on him. My sister took her TV (the only TV in the house) to her dorm. So my pre-teen brother has no TV, no internet, no cell phone. So really all he does is eat and sleep. He and my mom don’t go out much, except for when she gets paid. So when money starts to run low again, they stay home and do nothing. They spends days and nights just laying in the house with literally nothing to do. Well, my mom does spend an awful lot of time on her phone (talking to her friends, boyfriend and browsing Facebook).

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