That Time My Sister Made Dumb Financial Decisions

So I mentioned in my most recent update that my sister, who is starting college all over again after flunking out, didn’t save any money before returning to school. Due to her not saving any money, a few problems have occurred:

  • She has no money to buy her textbooks. I mean, not even ONE textbook.
  • She has no money to take an Uber back and forth to work (but if she does get a job, I will fund her transportation until her first paycheck arrives)
  • She hasn’t been able to pay her cell phone bill in about 4 months. It’s currently $700. (Part of the problem is that she streamed a lot of videos and kept using up her data, so she kept upgrading her data plan, then couldn’t afford the monthly bill.)

What did she do with her summer money? Drumroll…

  • She paid for herself, my mom and brother to go to a Disney theme park in Orlando. (My mom paid for the hotel stay.)
  • She did what she always does… online shopped… went out to eat (even when my mom had cooked at home)… etc.

She told me the other day that she wants to be like me when she grows up.  *rolls eyes*

Narcissistic personality traits displayed by mom:

  • Always wants to be taken care of
  • 100% self centered
  • Highly materialistic
  • Always think their choices/opinions are the best

More on my narcissistic sister:

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