That Time My Sister Made (Awful) College Plans

So my sister partied, drank, smoked and flunked out of college a couple years ago. She should be finishing her sophomore year right now, but instead she sleeps all day and night at home (no TV or wifi), in between random jobs.

She got “good news” recently. The school she flunked out of is now accepting her back after one year of academic probation.

That school is 3 hours away.

I think, given her bad behavior at school last time, she needs to stick closer to home. Problem is, because she failed freshman year, no other school has accepted her. So she’s planning to go back because she doesn’t appear to have any other choice.

I hate to be negative, but the odds are kind of stacked against her. Here’s why:

  • She STILL doesn’t have her driver’s license, which means my broke ass mom will once again have to bear the burden of driving her back and forth to school. That’s a 6 hour round trip each time. Given that my mom’s car may be repossessed soon, that could be a pretty major dilemma.
  • Last time, my sister did not get a job while in school because she had no transportation from campus to the downtown area. A cab or Uber ride, she said, would be too expensive over time. So basically she plans to attend school, not work, and depend on my broke ass parents to foot the bill. Again.
  • She doesn’t save money and literally doesn’t even have a dollar in her bank account. In fact, her cell phone is currently cut off due to non-payment.
  • I believe she’ll be repeating freshman year, which means she’ll have to repay student loans for a year of school that won’t even count toward her degree.

I really wish she would readjust her plans and consider going to a trade school instead. But of course, trade schools don’t have her desired major. She wants to study criminal behavior, like forensic psychology, I think.

Again, although this entire situation is a mess, I’m learning to butt out and live my own life. She has to deal with the consequences of her decisions, not me.


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