That Time My Mom Threw a Party for Her New Bae

By mistake, my 20 year old sister let it slip that my mom was planning a dinner party for her boyfriend.

I had no plans to attend. But after convincing from my sister and husband, we all attended. Together. It was a nice turn out–I think 15 people total. Family, friends, and coworkers of my mom and the boyfriend.

The new boyfriend seems ok. Social. Outgoing. Jovial. Nothing like my dad. He seems to adore my mom.

Speaking of mom, she went all out for this shindig. Nice dinner at a restaurant inside a swanky hotel. White table linens. Real wine glasses. She even treated her boyfriend to a hotel suite for the weekend.

Although I know I looked physically uncomfortable the entire night (and I don’t care who noticed), I was happy to see that my mom appeared to be doing well. Looked like she finally had her shit together. Besides paying for the hotel and dinner, she had also splurged on a great, sexy outfit and a new hair style.

Ok mom. I’m not mad.

Hold on… this is too good to be true, right?

Yup. Read update.

Narcissistic personality traits displayed by mom:

  • Likes to fantasize about how they believe their life should be
  • Charming facade
  • Likes to hide

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