That Time My Mom Pretended to Have Money

So my mom had a big birthday dinner for her new beau a few weeks ago.

Although I’m not completely sold on the idea of her dating again (less than a year after divorce), I was kind of happy to see that she seemed to be doing well and taking care of business.

But I was wrong.

My dad texted me this week. He received mail indicating that mom hasn’t paid her car note in six months. They are moving forward with repossession.

It’s super messed up because:

  1. The car is in my dad’s name. So while he’s trying to build a new life with his new fiancé, my mom is ruining his credit. Again.
  2. If she had made steady payments, the car would be paid off by now.

I’m hoping she hasn’t done her taxes yet. Maybe she can use her refund to pay off the car debt. To be without a car would destroy everything.

How will she get to work?

How will my brother get to school?

How will my 20 year old sister get to work since she still doesn’t have a driver’s license?

How will any of them get to their favorite place on earth–church? Seriously, they go like 4x per week. Nothing wrong with that. I just feel like in her financial position, she needs to cut out extra travel.

My mom’s car was repossessed a few years ago and of course, I came to the rescue. My husband has always owned two cars, so I let her use mine until her situation was cleared up.

It may seem mean, but I’m not letting her use my car this time. Even though I work from home and don’t use my car during the day, she needs to dig herself out of this hole.

Narcissistic personality traits displayed by mom:

  • Avoids responsibility
  • Expert liars and master manipulators
  • Likes to hide

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