That Time My Dad Introduced Me to His Next Wife

My dad knows I work from home full-time. Recently he called asking if he could stop by. There’s someone who’s been dying to meet me. “He’s been wanting to meet you for a while,” he said.

Emphasis on “he”.


He arrives a few minutes later. With a woman. Not a “he”. Within 5 minutes I would learn that said woman is his fiancé. And they’re getting married. In 17 days, he said.


He’s known this woman for 3 months. 90 whole days. I have my theories about why their nuptials are being rushed, but I’ll keep that to myself.

He wanted my blessing. He even came by a few days later so that we could talk without his fiancé present. I gave him every reason under the sun why marrying this woman is, like, the worst idea EVER. Oddly, he agreed, but he’s still going through with it. It was meant to be, he said.

My dad–who is jobless (yet again), bankrupt and living under some random person’s roof–is willingly taking on the additional burden of a woman AND her underage children.


Narcissistic personality traits displayed by dad:

  • Likes to fantasize about how they believe their life should be
  • Believes they are always right and their choices/opinions are the best
  • Believes they are unique and special

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