That Time My Sister Needed a Swift Kick in the Ass

I feel really bad for my sister. She’s an adult now, but she’s in limbo–stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  • No driver’s license (she keeps failing the written part)
  • Obviously no car
  • No job (the two she had were seasonal, or so she said *insert side eye*)
  • She and my mom live in the suburbs, so there’s basically no easy access to public transportation
  • She partied hard and unfortunately flunked out of her FIRST year of college
  • So now she can’t even get accepted into community college

She hasn’t asked for advice, but if she ever does, I’m stumped. WTF CAN SHE DO?

I’m thinking trade school might be her best option (I’m assuming they accept everyone?) But then how is she gonna get there? My mom works and can’t keep chauffeuring her around town.

I think #1 on the list is to get her license. But now that she’s not working and my mom is cash strapped, she can’t afford to keep retaking the test.

And whenever she DOES pass the test, she still won’t have her own car to get around.

I have a headache just thinking about her predicament. I feel like I need to shake some sense into her, but of course my advice is not welcome or appreciated. But I hate sitting back and watching her “best years” start out like this.


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