That Time My Dad Hung Up on Me

Timeframe: Not sure, maybe 10 years ago

My dad called me one night to vent. My mom had gone out with some work friends and stayed out pretty late–until maybe 2 am, perhaps even later.

My dad was livid. What could she be doing out THAT late? Who was she really with? Why didn’t she call?

So I said to him, “Dad. You stay out until sunrise whenever you want to. Mom doesn’t ever know who you’re with and what you’re doing. So how can you get mad at her for doing something you do ALL the time?”

There was an uncomfortable silence, then he just said, “I’ll talk to you later.”

*hangs up phone*

Dude, don’t get mad at ME because no one else is willing to call you out on your bullshit. I hate how he can bring up everyone else’s dirt, but his wrongdoings are supposed to stay swept under the rug.

OMG this happened 10 years ago and I’m so mad just thinking about it again!

Narcissistic personality traits displayed by dad:

  • 100% self-centered
  • Likes to hide
  • Quick to point out others’ failings

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