Wow, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since my last post. Here’s how my crazy ass family is doing…

  • Narcissistic Mom
    She hasn’t been evicted from her house, so that’s a good sign.
  • She seems to only contact me (via text) when she needs me to watch my 10-year-old brother. Although I’m usually always free to do it, I’ve been saying no. She can make time for EVERYTHING (church functions primarily–choir practice, dance practice for my sis, drama club rehearsal for my bro, etc.), but she STILL hasn’t secured a part-time job to make ends meet. I’ll gladly babysit my brother if she needs to work. But for her to go out on dates or hang out now that she’s single? Nah.
  • I do occasionally drop by and bring groceries. I try not to go overboard, but if I come across a good sale, I’ll buy extra for them to enjoy (meat, fruit, cereal… stuff like that). The first time she seemed grateful. The second time I feel like she thought I was treating them like a charity case, so I’m not sure I’ll do it again.

Narcissistic Dad:

  • He finally just got a job offer and starts next week. This will seriously be like his 20th job in the past 10 years. I sincerely hope and pray this one is long-term. He’s living with his girlfriend and her mom, at least that’s what I heard a few months ago. He’s also been doing car work in some garage, which I don’t understand because he’s not a mechanic. His job functions are technical/corporate, not manual labor. I guess he’s doing whatever he has to to earn a buck, so I can’t be mad at that.
  • I don’t call and check on him, mainly because I don’t wanna hear his drama and how he blames my mom for the family falling apart. He just texted me last week bitching about how my mom let the car insurance lapse–she was ordered in their divorce decree to pay it until he gets a stable job. I ignored his text.

Narcissistic Sister:

  • She’s coming to the end of her teen years.
  • She told me a couple months ago that she quit her job. Turns out that was a lie. She was fired for “job abandonment”. She was sick–went to the doctor and everything–but she only called out sick once. She didn’t notify them that she’d be gone for, like 4 days.
  • But she got another job just a few weeks later at a local tourist park. She hates it. It’s outdoors, which means she’s freezing cold all day. And when it rains, work is cancelled. Also, her hours are so inconvenient. She generally works 2 pm to about 7 pm. SHE DOES NOT HAVE A DRIVERS LICENSE YET. So my mom has to leave work at 1:30 EVERY DAY, go pick up my sister about 20 minutes away, drive her 20 minutes to work, then go back to work herself. Then when mom leaves work at 5, she picks up my brother, they go home and then leave again to pick up my sister. Doesn’t that sound exhausting???
  • Unfortunately my sister won’t be returning to college anytime soon. God, that makes me sad for her.

Narcissistic Brother

  • At one point he was calling me every damn day. It didn’t bother me too much. Have you ever had a conversation with a 10-year-old? They’re hilarious! But he doesn’t call anymore. Or text (on mom’s phone since he doesn’t have one). I think my mom tells him not to call me. I recall her saying something like, “I told him to stop bothering you.” It’s not bothering me at all, and I hate that she’s planting those negative seeds in his head.
  • I’ve been wondering, is 10-years-old old enough to stay home alone? I feel like he’s too old to be “babysat”. He’s a really good kid. He’s never caused any trouble. I think the problem is that he doesn’t have a cell phone, and there is no landline at my mom’s house. So if an emergency took place, he’d be stuck. I’ve been wanting to suggest she get him a cheap phone with minutes (do they still sell those?), but I know she’ll get all offended if I say anything so I’ll keep it to myself.


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