That Time My Brother Ate Everyone’s Food

The story:

My mom and siblings have now been in my home–rent free (OK my sister does give me $100 per paycheck)–almost 9 months now. Every housing application they’ve submitted has been denied.


It took me a few months to figure this out, but I desperately needed to separate food and snacks or else it’ll ALL get eaten–mostly by my 10 year old brother.

I felt like it was a little petty, but I labeled shelves in the pantry, freezer and fridge letting them know which foods belonged to my HUSBAND–the man of the house… the man who ensures they have a free roof over their heads every month.

So you’d think that my hubby’s snacks would be left alone, right?


Today I walk into the kitchen to ask my brother how his first day of 5th grade was. As I get closer, I notice he has a large pot of pasta on the counter–the same pasta I made last night. The same pasta that was ON MY HUSBAND’S SHELF IN THE FRIDGE!

I walk over and ask what he’s doing. Oh, he didn’t know the pot was on the restricted shelf.

BS, kid. You can read. You just thought no one would walk in here and catch you. I went upstairs and told my mom. She yelled at him pretty good, but that doesn’t make me feel any damn better. I want them GONE!!!

And to make it even worse–he didn’t even take all the pasta. He just scooped out all the shrimp and left the fettuccine. Also keep in mind that he piled this ON TOP OF two slices of leftover pizza.

I understand boys eat A LOT, but shit!

So now that the leftover pasta has been tampered with, I have to get off my lazy ass and cook a meal for my husband.

I’m fuming. I want them GONE!!!

Narcissistic behaviors/traits displayed by brother:

  • 100% self-centered

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