That Time My Mom & Sister Thought I Was Stupid

Timeframe: summer 2015

The story:

A few months ago I was out at lunch with a friend and this random woman (let’s call her Cindy) struck up a conversation with us. Turns out she runs a charity that helps disadvantaged families to find housing, jobs, etc.

JACKPOT! This was EXACTLY the type of resource I needed to get my mom, sister and brother out of my house!

I exchanged contact info with Cindy and gave it to my mom as soon as I got home.

Mom reached out to Cindy but quickly found out that with her poor credit history and recent eviction, finding even a cheap apartment wouldn’t be possible. But Cindy offered a new idea: my 19 year old sister could try to get an apartment for them in HER name.


But first, Cindy needed my sister’s pay stub for proof of employment. At the time, my sister had JUST returned from her freshman year of college and hadn’t begun working yet. So I made a note on my calendar to check in with them again once my sister got paid.

I waited until 9 days AFTER my sister got paid to finally check in. I asked my mom, “What did Cindy say about my sister’s pay stub? Can she help ya’ll find a place?”

Mom’s response: “I haven’t seen her pay stub. I don’t even know what it looks like.”

WTF??? Cindy told you that she might be able to help with proof of a pay stub and ya’ll STILL HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING? WHY??? Going to Cindy’s office should have been the FIRST thing ya’ll did when my sister got paid! What did my sister do when she got paid? Bought an iPhone and went to a sleepover for the whole weekend.

I’ve had enough. I wrote mom a letter that night telling her that they needed to find somewhere else to go. They stayed with me for 9 months in 2013-2014 and this year so far they’ve been here for 7 months. They’re getting too comfortable. They have no sense of urgency. And I can’t take care of three people (two of them adults) anymore. Me and my husband need our house back!!!

Narcissistic behaviors/traits displayed by mom and sister:

  • Always wants to be taken care of; avoids responsibility
  • Acts as a parasite, feeding off of what others can give to them and do for them
  • Usually attach themselves to strong, independent, successful people that can do everything for them

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