That Time My Dad Forgot About Father’s Day

Timeframe: summer 2015

The story:

About a week before Father’s Day, my husband kept bugging me about what I was going to do for my dad. Honestly, I had nothing planned. But my husband told me I should at least invite him over for dinner.

Since my dad is very forgetful, I decided to wait until the Saturday before Father’s Day to invite him over. But while talking to my 10-year-old brother, he informed me that “We’re taking dad out to dinner for Father’s Day.”

Oh. OK. I wasn’t invited. And that’s fine.

My mom must have gotten wind because she texted me saying that since my sister got her first paycheck, she wanted to take my dad out to dinner. I was officially invited. I told her I’ll show up, just tell me the time and place.

On Father’s Day, my mom, brother and sister went to church like they always do. Afterwards, they called my dad to make plans to go to dinner. It was about 2 pm. My dad was still in bed sleeping. So we all waited… about 3 hours. Finally I had to do something. My husband was hungry. So I texted my mom that they could go ahead and take my dad to dinner without me–I needed to get dinner started for my husband. She understood.

They finally went out with my dad around 6 pm. And from what I was told, he wasn’t even hungry for dinner.

My therapist said that it was wrong for the family to call him on Father’s Day to make last minute plans and that plans should have been made days before so that everyone was on the same page. That may be true, but what GOOD dad would do anything on Father’s Day BESIDES spend the day with his kids???

I digress.

Narcissistic behaviors/traits displayed by dad:

  • 100% self-centered

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