Shit My Dad Says

Narcissists are known for always looking for favorable treatment. They have an intense need for admiration and validation. And they are quick to point out other people’s shortcomings. My dad has always done all of these things. Here are some of the phrases he’s been saying to me for years:

“Where do you think you get your good looks from?”

“Do you think you would have been this successful if I wasn’t in your life?”

“Didn’t my family always treat you better than mommy’s family?”

“Didn’t my mom always buy you better gifts and give you more money than mommy’s family?”

“Don’t you realize it was because of me you were able to go to college? Your mom didn’t have anything to do with that.”

“Don’t you know it’s because of me that you were such a good student? You didn’t get that from your mom.”

“Don’t you realize we would have been homeless if everything was left up to your mom? I kept a roof over your head all those years.”

“I’m the best at what I do. Don’t you realize my work is what put food on the table all those years?”

“All those mornings I drove you to school and was late for work–do you think your mom would have done that for you?”

“I put savings bonds in your name since you were a baby. Your mom didn’t save a dime for you.”

“I did a lot for you growing up, didn’t I?”

“I was a good dad, wasn’t I?”

“Your friends were jealous of you, weren’t they?”


Need I go on?



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