That Time My Sister Didn’t Buy Me Dinner

Timeframe: 2014

The story:

The first time my mom, brother and sister moved into my house, I went above and beyond for them. I grocery shopped, cooked and paid the bills (along with my husband). They lived with me 100% free.

Whenever I didn’t feel like cooking, I’d order take out–pizza, Chinese, etc. And I always ordered enough food for 5 people. There’s no way in hell I’d order food for just myself and my husband, especially if the rest of the family was home.

One Saturday I spent the whole day in bed watching Netflix. Finally I walked into the kitchen to find something to eat. There at the dinner table sat my brother and sister stuffing their faces with fast food–I think it was buffalo wings.

It smelled delicious.

I started looking around for an extra bag or take out plate. Surely they’d gotten food for me–I ALWAYS make sure they eat, right?

There was no extra food.

According to my mom, my sister had gotten money from my dad and she wanted to spend it on food. Apparently my mom told her to knock on my bedroom door and ask if I wanted anything, but she didn’t.

Let me be perfectly clear: I was not upset that she didn’t buy me food. I was upset that she didn’t at least OFFER. I’m pretty sure I would have said no thanks anyway. But it was because of me (and my husband) that she had a roof over her head and hot water to shower everyday–and I wasn’t even worth a $5 meal?

I’m pissed all over again just thinking about it.

Narcissistic behaviors/traits displayed by sister:

  • 100% self center

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