That Time My Sister Was Homeless During Spring Break

Timeframe: 2015

So I already told you about the time my sister disrespected me by hanging up on me twice.

Fast-forward a few months. Spring break is approaching. I get a text from my sister saying she needs to talk to me. She said that my mom had ordered her to stay with a family/church friend over spring break, but she didn’t want to do that, so she asked if she could stay with me.

Keep in mind–I had not spoken with her in about 4 months. But all of a sudden she reaches out when she needs me.

I didn’t respond right away.

I called my therapist, who told me it was OK to put my foot down and say no–and to tell her WHY I said no. It was not right for her to disrespect me, then come and take advantage of my home–and everything in it–for a week.

Then my dad called me trying to convince me to say YES. He wasn’t comfortable with my sister staying in some other family’s home–a family that he doesn’t know (but my mom does).

Then my mom texted me to apologize for both my sister and my dad reaching out to me. They dragged me into the situation when she’d already had it handled by setting up plans for my sister with her church friend.

It was such a dramatic day.

I finally texted my sister back and told her no. Her reply? “Nope, that’s OK.”

As if SHE just rejected ME!

Narcissistic behaviors/traits displayed by sister:

  • Acts as a parasite, feeding off of what others can give to them and do for them
  • Stubborn; only apologize when they want something from you

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