That Time My Mom Told Me to Hide the Bills

Timeframe: Late 1990s

The story:

When I was old enough to stay home alone after school, I fell into a routine. As soon as I walked in the door, I’d call my mom and dad–both at work–to let them know I’d made it home safely.

At some point, my mom started asking me what bills came in the mail. I was young and did what I was told. Sometimes, she’d tell me to take a bill–usually gas, electric or cable–and place them in her underwear drawer.

I always did it. She was my mom. And I was a rule follower.

It wasn’t until years later that my dad uncovered what was going on. He was livid not only because he was being deceived by his wife, but also because she’d take me–his innocent teenage daughter–along for the ride.

When I was old enough, my mom eventually told me why she hid the bills. My dad was a chronic cheater–he always had a side chick and my mom always knew. So, in her mind, neglecting to pay a bill here and there would force my dad to pay more attention on the home front.

It backfired. Her lack of financial responsibility actually pushed him into the arms of independent, stable women who had their shit together.

What a mess, right?

Narcissistic behaviors/traits displayed by mom:

  • Expert liar and master manipulator

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