That Time My Sister Hung Up on Me… Twice

Timeframe: 2014

The story:

It was about a week before my birthday. My sister–away at college–called me to ask what gift I wanted. Mind you, she had (and still has) no job. She gets pocket money from my parents when they can afford to spare a few bucks.

So I said to her, “Don’t worry about buying me anything. Keep your money.” My tone of voice was completely normal.

She hung up.

I called her back and asked why she hung up.

“You made me mad. I didn’t think you should have said that. I want to buy you something.”

“OK, but hanging up was rude. You can send me a nice card. That will be perfect.”

“Are you done talking?”

“Uh… yes.”

*hangs up again*

My guess is that she must have been smoking on something really special that day–weed became her #1 hobby when went off to college. Smh.

Narcissistic behaviors/traits displayed by sister:

  • Highly reactive to criticism
  • Very easily hurt and offended
  • Hyper-sensitive to harmless comments

Note that my sister’s actions are very similar to that time my mom hung up on me, too.


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