That Time My Dad Introduced Me to His Mistress

Timeframe: Around 2003

The story:

I was at the local library, probably studying for a college test. I just happened to be seated in front of a large bay window overlooking the parking lot. I saw my dad’s car pull up. He got out. She got out. I had never met her, but I knew exactly who she was.

His friend’s sister, also known as his girlfriend. Yes, my married dad had acquired yet another side chick.

They came into the library and eventually found me. He wanted me to meet her. He planned to marry her–I think he was trying to help her become a citizen. And my mom knew all about it.

She looked very rough and unpolished to me–like someone who needed a makeover. But I know her looks really didn’t matter.

I sat there stone faced. I don’t recall if I said anything. I just knew I had zero desire to meet this woman. It’s all a blur. I think after failed attempts to engage me in conversation, they left.

I wonder how I did on that test?

Narcissistic behaviors/traits displayed by dad:

  • Lack of empathy; inability to recognize or identify with other people’s feelings or needs
  • No remorse or guilt

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