That Time We Met My Dad’s Mistress

Timeframe: Mid-1990s

The story:

Every summer, my dad’s company had a huge corporate outing that included employees and their families. It was complete with food, games, music, etc. Lots of fun. Naturally, my dad was introducing me (teenager), my mom and my new sister (less than a year old) to all of his colleagues.

Then we met this one woman… “Sylvia”. All of the sudden the tension was thick. I was just a clueless teenager, but I could feel the mood shift. My mom tensed up, resting bitch-face on full display. She was RET-TA-GO! That’s when it hit my little teenage brain.

My dad had an affair with “Sylvia”.

Now, it’s bad enough that he had the balls to INTRODUCE HIS (former?) MISTRESS TO HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN, right? It gets better.

A few months prior–when my mom was still pregnant with my sister–my dad had suggested a lovely middle name for the baby… “Sylvia”.

That’s my daddy!

Narcissistic behaviors/traits displayed by dad:

  • Lack of empathy; inability to recognize or identify with other people’s feelings or needs
  • Overly-confident

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