That Time My Sister Demanded a Manicure

Timeframe: 2014

The story:

I had a few days off work, so I decided to go visit my sister at college. I got there and basically became her personal chauffeur. I can’t even count how many times we went to Walmart. She didn’t have her own transportation, nor a job or much money, so it wasn’t easy for her to get off campus to do any shopping. So I really didn’t mind taking her here and there to get the things she needed. Although she paid for her own things, I did treat her to a few nice dinners and a day of bowling.

After a day of running around town, she kept asking me to take her down the road to the nail salon. She so desperately needed her nails done. I told her no. I was tired and didn’t feel like sitting there waiting for her.

I knew exactly how she’d react. She tweeted a covert diss. Something like, “Well f— you then. I’ll get someone else to take me.”

She doesn’t know that I stalk her on Twitter. Shhhhh.

Like a sucker, I eventually caved so that she’d stop asking me. And there I was, nodding off in the most uncomfortable chair ever as she got her nine inch nails polished. Purple.

Narcissistic behaviors/traits displayed by sister:

  • Acts as a parasite, feeding off of what others can give to them and do for them
  • Verbally abusive without remorse or guilt (even if it’s online)


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