That Time My Dad Moved His Girlfriend into The Family House

Timeframe: 2013

The story:

The family house–which was only in my dad’s name–was undergoing foreclosure. The sheriff had delivered a notice telling my family to vacate, so my mom packed up. I asked if she needed anything and she asked if she (along with my brother and sister) could come live with me and my husband for a while.

She was in a rush to leave because she didn’t want her and the kids to be there when or if the sheriff came back to physically remove them.

(Despite my dad’s narcissism, he is not dumb. The sheriff’s notice did not include a required move out date, so he stayed in the house. He wasn’t forced out until one full year later–but of course no one knew he’d be permitted to stay that long.)

Back to the story.

I’m not sure how long they’d been moved out of my dad’s house–perhaps a few days or weeks–when my mom and sister dropped a bombshell on me.

My dad–separated but still legally married to my mom–had moved his girlfriend into the house they’d shared for 10 years. She was sleeping in my mom’s bed. Cooking in my mom’s kitchen. Probably using whatever soaps and lotions my mom had left behind.

I cried.

But what REALLY got my blood boiling was that my mom and sister were freely having this conversation in front of my little brother.

But I soon found out there was no way to shield him from it.

That’s because even though they had moved in with me, my brother and sister remained at their same schools, which means they still went to the family house after school and waited on my mom to pick them up. So they would spend about 3 hours every day in their (former) house with my dad and his girlfriend.

I remember my brother and sister saying the house had a new smell with the new woman there. It made them feel sick.

It made ME feel sick.

Narcissistic behaviors/traits displayed by dad:

  • Lack of empathy; inability to recognize or identify with other people’s feelings or needs
  • No remorse or guilt

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