That Time My Brother Asked for Everything

Timeframe: the past couple years

The story:

My brother is only a pre-teen, so I have a little trouble referring to him as a narcissist. But being surrounded by a mom, dad and sister who all exhibit signs of narcissism, I think he’s well on his way there.

I’m not sure if my brother’s behaviors are signs of narcissism, or if he’s just a typical greedy kid. But almost all of my conversations with him are about what he wants. He says:

  • Have you seen the new Jordans? I want those.
  • Have you seen the new KD’s? I want those.
  • Mom’s getting me an iPhone when she gets paid. (He’s been saying this for 3 years now)
  • Is that a Polo shirt? Like, a real one? Can you get me one?
  • Have you ever eaten at _______? Can you take me there?
  • Do you know how much Nike sweatpants cost? I need some.

It’s like EVERYTHING that comes out of his mouth revolves around money and materialism. So odd because mom and dad can’t even keep a roof over their heads. But somehow he’s developed a taste for all these things the family can’t afford.

Narcissistic behaviors/traits displayed by brother:

  • Acts as a parasite, feeding off of what others can give to them and do for them
  • Likes to fantasize about how they believe their life should be



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